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12-year-old Rylan thrives and struggles with Autism and Tourette Syndrome. He and his Mama Bird, Gwen, are publishing their first book, set to hit shelves in September, 2019. This one-of-a-kind picture book,

“If I Squeeze Your Head I’m Sorry” will uplift, educate, create dialogue, entertain, and allow readers to enter the brain of a child who sees, feels, and understands the world from a remarkably and refreshingly unique perspective. Their work reminds us how important it is to listen to each other in an effort to truly understand and to assume immense value in one another

Tell your neighbor, your hairstylist, your teachers, your great Aunt Gerty, Tell ALL your people. This book is an inclusive experience, so get on board Broskis! Pre-orders available soon!

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Ellie, Special needs Mama & illustrator

As a parent of a child with Autism, I see the deep need for a book like this in educating others regarding the thought processes, emotions, feelings & dreams of those living with neurological disorders. This book is refreshing, humorous & insightful. Many children like my daughter cannot express in great detail what their body feels like or articulate their emotions, thoughts & feelings regarding social interactions & new experiences.

Reading this book gave me the opportunity to take a peek into my own daughter’s brain & understand how she may see the world. Rylan’s fresh perspective & innocence is sure to open the hearts of children & adultsl. It’s art that truly works toward the goal of acceptance of & appreciation for people who  bring more color & creativity into our world.

sarah philpott PhD author

This book is sheer GENIUS. It’s  aesthetically delightful & helps us  see an inside glimpse at the amazing interworking of a brain God blessed with originality, creativity, & sheer brilliance. Rylan owns his diagnosis with Hulk-like confidence.  This book will boost the inner-confidence of thousands of readers who need affirmation that uniqueness is awesome.

Vogelzang’s book should be on the must-read list of every  teacher & professional who works with children.  From an educational standpoint, it provides insight to help inform teaching & it also serves as a springboard for classroom discussions about special needs & how ALL our brains function in mighty ways.  Furthermore, this book will benefit children & youth as a model so everyone can better articulate how their brains function. This book is a metacognitive masterpiece.  

Andrea Frazer Paventi, Author & Tourettes Mama

Along with his mom, Rylan has written a dazzling picture book about living with Autism & Tourette Syndrome that is heartwarming enough you’ll want to squeeze the book over & over again.

My only complaint? I wish it had come out ten years ago when my own son was diagnosed. Then again, I might have stalked them down & squeezed their heads with gratitude. So I saved them that.

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