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Our inclusive Curriculum Guide is a one-of-a-kind tool meant to seamlessly incorporate the book into any classroom or therapeutic environment, Pre-school through 8th grade.  Each page of the book corresponds with a page in the guide, offering tools for creating understanding about the unique ways teachers and therapists relate to students and clients.  The guide assists in finding meaningful ways to celebrate “specialabilities” in all children. 

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We’ve created a safe online space where teachers, parents, therapists and individuals living with “specialabilities” can find community.  Our network avoids the distractions of social media, allows for collaboration, conversation, storytelling, idea sharing and education all in the same space. 

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And through November 8, new members of our Mighty Network will get access to our AMAZING curriculum guide at no cost simply by signing up. 

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Join us at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum on Wednesday, November 20th for the annual Connor’s Friends event.

Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in Rivertown Crossing, Grandville, MI March 20, 2020!